Making You Better Brands has been proudly manufacturing K-9 Releaf products since 2012 (but we created our first product for animals-- Lame Away for horses-- back in 2009).

We were watching a friend prepare to take his beloved 12-year-old yellow lab Gus on one of his last pheasant hunts. As Gus struggled-- and failed-- to jump into the back of our friend's truck, a light went off in our heads. Why not explore a topical spray that could provide relief to hardworking hunting dogs?

We got to work and had our pilot batch crafted that weekend, then we shared some with Gus's owner. We got a call the next weekend raving about how Gus had recovered from what was supposed to be his final hunt, and we knew we had to pursue this product further. Gus went on to enjoy more hunts, and we went on to create two more canine products.

Now we're proud to be making products that are taking care of dogs of all shapes and sizes, from the littlest lap dogs to the biggest working dogs.